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With a fully documented library of developer resources, Joomla! allows the customisation of every aspect of a Web site including presentation, layout, administration, and the rapid integration with third-party applications.

Joomla! now provides more developer power while making the user experience all the more friendly. For those who always wanted increased extensibility, Joomla! 1.5 can make this happen.

A new framework, ground-up refactoring, and a highly-active development team brings the excitement of 'the next generation CMS' to your fingertips. Whether you are a systems architect or a complete 'noob' Joomla! can take you to the next level of content delivery. 'More than a CMS' is something we have been playing with as a catchcry because the new Joomla! API has such incredible power and flexibility, you are free to take whatever direction your creative mind takes you and Joomla! can help you get there so much more easily than ever before.

Thinking Web publishing? Think Joomla!